Return & Refund


  • Can I exchange the items I have received?
Exchange of items can be done if :
      1. A mandatory unboxing video is available! If there is no unboxing video, we cannot process the exchange of items.
      2. You receive a product that does not match your order. Exchange can only be done if the intended product is still available.
      3. The product we sent is in poor condition (defective, different size, not functional, etc.).
      4. The product tag, barcode, and any accompanying tags are still available.
      5. The product is not discounted.
      6. Customers are using our product in the usual manner.
    Exchange of items can be started by send us an Email at, we will guide you for the further step.
      • Can I exchange my item for another product?
      Exchanges can only be made if there is damage to the item during unboxing, and it only applies to similar items.
      • I have already paid for my order, but I want to change the size/color/type of the item I ordered before it is shipped to me. Is this allowed?
      For paid orders, changes in size/color/type are not allowed.
      • What is the time limit for exchanging defective items since receiving the product?
      You can exchange items within 7 days after receiving them.
      • Do I have to pay for exchanges?
      For exchanges due to our mistake (defective products, not functional, etc.), all shipping costs will be covered by us.
      • What is the refund policy at
      Refunds only apply if the received item is in poor condition, and there is no stock available in our warehouse or store to replace the item.
      • How long does the refund process take?
      Refunds will be processed no later than 14 working days from the date of submission.